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Pricing Pitfalls: The Home-Selling Blunders You Never Saw Coming

Pricing your property correctly is the single most important part of your sale. Be sure to avoid these common mistakes!

1. Setting the Stage with Sentimental Goggles

We get it, your home is your castle, your haven, your... whatever. But when it comes to pricing, those rose-tinted glasses shaped by years of memories can turn into blinders. Emotional attachment can inflate your price tag to cloud nine. The hard truth? Buyers don't care about your daughter's first steps in the living room or your epic BBQs. Overpricing because your house is 'special' is like expecting someone to pay extra for your used car because you had your first kiss in it. Spoiler alert: They won’t.

2. Playing The Houdini with Pricing

Some folks think they're slick by setting an obscenely high price to leave some “wiggle room”, assuming they can just lower it later – like it's some kind of magic trick. Here's the real magic: Watch your house sit on the market while buyers pass it by, thinking something must be wrong with it. By the time you drop the price to where it should have been, everyone’s moved on to the next big thing. Congratulations, you've just played yourself.

3. The 'Neighbor's Envy' Syndrome

So, your neighbor sold their house for a hefty sum and now you think you're sitting on a gold mine. Newsflash – your neighbor’s house might as well be in Narnia for all the difference it makes. Maybe they had a remodeled kitchen, a haunted wine cellar, or a backyard that didn't resemble a scene from Jumanji. Point is, different homes, different values. Pricing your home based on hearsay and envy is like trying to fit into your high-school jeans – optimistic but unrealistic.

4. Ignoring the Crystal Ball (a.k.a. Market Analysis)

This one's a classic – ignoring the market analysis. It’s like ignoring your GPS and then wondering why you ended up at a ‘Dead End’ sign instead of the beach. A professional market analysis isn't just fancy paperwork; it's the compass that guides you to the right price. Ignore it at your peril.

5. The Lowball Lure

Some adventurous souls price their home lower than market value, hoping to spark a bidding war. It's like throwing a piece of meat into a pool of sharks, expecting to catch the biggest one. Sometimes it works, and you feel like a Wall Street wolf. Other times? You just end up with a nibble from a guppy, selling your home for less than it's worth.

6. Being a Stubborn Mule

Last but not least, refusing to adjust your price even when it's clear as day that you've missed the mark is like trying to sell ice to Eskimos. You're not going to win this one, buddy. The market is king, and if you're not bowing to it, you're just shooting yourself in the foot.

In conclusion, pricing your home for sale is a delicate dance between strategy and realism. Avoid these mistakes, and you're on your way to a 'sold' sign that'll make your neighbors green with envy. And remember, in real estate, like in life, sometimes you gotta lose the battle (drop that price a bit) to win the war (sell that house).

Happy selling!

Todd Siegrist

EXP Realty


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